Welcome to the new GR Catholic!

Here’s what I’m hoping GR Catholic can become: A Guide / Directory for Catholic Ministries in West Michigan.  There are a lot of ministries at each church in the diocese that no one knows about.  There are also new people in the area that might be looking at joining a particular ministry that they had been aware of in the past.  That’s where GR Catholic comes in.

We also have a Community News section for folks to submit news about events that are happening at their church, or to write about the ministry that they’re a part of.  If you do so, please include as much contact information as possible (for example: website, facebook page, twitter, google+, pinterest, phone number, church, location, etc.).  We plan on taking that information and creating a page here about that ministry.  If you include an e-mail address, we can change that email address into a contact form so that the e-mail address remains private.

Let us know if there’s anything else that you might want, and we’ll try to get it to happen.