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New Event Board

We’ve added an event calendar to the site. Please feel free to submit events, and we’ll approve the appropriate ones.


Next Veritas Retreat: Feb 1-3, 2013

Veritas is a Catholic weekend retreat for young adults ages 18-28.

The weekend consists of talks, music and activities focused on recognizing the role God plays in our everyday life. It is a blend of seriousness, fun, spiritual exercises, talks and discussions on topics of interest to young adult Catholic Christians.

The program is filled with practical information, which you can immediately apply to your daily life. You will have the opportunity to examine your values and priorities, while learning how …others have met the challenge of living for God in our complex society.

It is a “back to basics” weekend which can help you better understand yourself, your family, your friends, the Church and Jesus Christ.

When: Friday,Feb 1st 5:00pm until Sunday, Feb 3rd 3:00 pm
Where: St. Alphonsus Parish
Who: All Catholic young men and women age 18-28
Cost: $35 registration fee which includes all meals

How to sign up:

Applications can be found at

Please pass this on to all the young adults that you know!


Welcome to the new GR Catholic!

Here’s what I’m hoping GR Catholic can become: A Guide / Directory for Catholic Ministries in West Michigan.  There are a lot of ministries at each church in the diocese that no one knows about.  There are also new people in the area that might be looking at joining a particular ministry that they had been aware of in the past.  That’s where GR Catholic comes in.

We also have a Community News section for folks to submit news about events that are happening at their church, or to write about the ministry that they’re a part of.  If you do so, please include as much contact information as possible (for example: website, facebook page, twitter, google+, pinterest, phone number, church, location, etc.).  We plan on taking that information and creating a page here about that ministry.  If you include an e-mail address, we can change that email address into a contact form so that the e-mail address remains private.

Let us know if there’s anything else that you might want, and we’ll try to get it to happen.



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Not just that, but I’ve also got a Twitter account set up.  Whenever the Facebook page is updated, that too will automatically update.

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